Comics Come Home 28 will be on November 2, 2024 at TD Garden.

All proceeds from the annual show benefit The Cam Neely Foundation which provides comfort, support, and hope to cancer patients and their families.

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By donating today you are making an immense impact on the lives of cancer patients and their families. All funds go directly towards current projects that support our mission of providing comfort, support, and hope. Thank you!


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Watch Cam and Paulina at the first Virtual Conversation at Boston's Town & Country Philanthropy Summit. Hear them talk about how food can influence your health outcomes.

The Town & Country Philanthropy franchise is their annual celebration of T&C’s mission to spread hope, celebrate heroism, and better the world by effecting positive change. Join us on February 3rd for the next T&C Philanthropy Series event, “A Brave New World,” for a day of intimate conversations and keynotes with remarkable humanitarians on topics including education, activism, and innovation in healthcare, which have never been more relevant.



Nights of lodging

provided at The Neely House since its inception.


Cancer Centers Funded

2 pediatric
5 adult
1 research clinic



to provide comfort, support and hope to cancer patients and their families since 1995.

Neely House kitchen at Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA


The Neely House is closed temporarily in cooperation with global and local agencies efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19. We encourage you to check back in for further updates, and look forward to welcoming visitors back to the Neely House as soon as circumstances allow. If you need to contact someone at the Neely House directly please call: 617-636-0716.


The Neely House at Tufts Medical Center is a home away from home for cancer patients and their families. It was created to fill an important need - to help pediatric and adult cancer patients and their families while undergoing treatment. The house is an environment in which families who stay there can talk with others in similar situations while being near loved ones in a warm, home-like setting.


“Over the past decade many patients from the Northeast who are in treatment at Tufts for blood cancers and solid tumors have stayed with their families at the Neely House to receive advanced therapy at the Neely Cancer Center. Except for the occasional Rangers’ fan for whom the Bruins #8 jersey triggers bad dreams, the healing support and care they have experienced at Tufts has meant the world to them. Patients and their families remain the inspiration and motivation that sustains the work of the Neely House and the Neely Cancer Center at Tufts Medical Center.” 

- Dr. Raymond L. Comenzo, Director, Transfusion Services at Tufts Medical Center 

“As a clinical investigator in the Division of Hematology-Oncology, I have found the professionalism and excellence of the staff in the Neely Cancer Center to be an indispensable asset. They have become a successful hub for the launch and central coordination of multi-institutional clinical trials in cancer, initiated by Tufts investigators such as myself. As a response to the pandemic, they have made essential contributions to novel therapeutic trials in COVID-19 illness, including the launch and successful completion of a study of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-antagonist therapy in severe and critical COVID-19 illness funded by the National Institutes of Health, a global first. We look forward to the continued growth and evolution of the Neely Center in accordance with the rapidly changing scope and depth of translational research.” 


-Dr. Paul Mathew, Hematologist/Oncologist at Tufts Medical Center 

“The Neely House is an invaluable resource for patients and families receiving their cancer care at Tufts Medical Center. The ability to offer housing allows the medical team the capacity to present a complete and thorough treatment plan, essential for a successful outcome. The comfort and support found at the Neely House cannot be measured in lab results. These intangible qualities provide patients and families the strength needed to fully participate in their treatment. The road to recovery is long and challenging: the Neely House becomes a full partner in the road to success.” 

- Joan Smith, Director, Social Work Services at Tufts Medical Center 


"While Covid delayed the Boston Marathon in 2020 and otherwise put many things on “hold” in our day to day lives, the fight against cancer for individuals and families did not take a break. It is a relentless disease and one that only respects perseverance. We have all likely had it touch our lives and lives of those close to us. It is too often a race against time and I cannot think of a tougher race to run. The Cam Neely Foundation started its marathon and has done a lot – but there is still a long way to go and they need (and appreciate) our help."

- Richard Fish

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