The Neely House is located right within the walls of Tufts Medical Center.  It is a bed-and-breakfast style home-away-from-home for cancer patients and their families as they undergo treatment at Tufts MC.  Since its inception, over 6,500 families have stayed at the House.
The Neely House at Tufts Medical Center was created to fill an important need - to help pediatric and adult cancer patients and their families while undergoing treatment. The house is an environment in which families who stay there can talk with others in similar situations while being near loved ones in a warm, home-like setting.
The House is located within the walls of Tufts Medical Center, a world-renowned medical center for adults and children. The Cancer Center at Tufts Medical Center and its Floating Hospital for Children are among the finest medical institutions in the nation. The philosophy of Tufts Medical Center's cancer program is consistent with that of The Cam Neely Foundation - to provide leading-edge medical care with the highest level of compassionate patient care.
The Neely House is more than just a place to sleep. Families have the opportunity to talk with others facing similar situations while being with their loved ones in a non-clinical setting. After opening its doors in 1997 with eight beautifully designed, self-contained apartments, The Neely House expanded to sixteen apartments in 2000 and now encompasses over 15,000 square feet with two common kitchens and living rooms. The space is designed to encourage group conversation or provide quiet corners for reading. Families can also enjoy the privacy of their own accommodation that features a kitchenette, private bath and a warm and homelike environment. In 2016, renovations of the space began to update and modernize the accommodations. After surveying past residents to understand how their needs could be better met, decisions were made to create a larger laundry room as well as additions of a brand-new movie room, quiet room, and resource room.
The House accommodates several families each week, some of whom have return stays depending on their clinical status. Guests are primarily from the New England states. Thousands of families have stayed at The Neely House since it opened in 1997. There is no minimum or maximum stay, and the average stay is 3 weeks. A house staff member is available to patients and their families 24 hours a day.

The Neely House has been supported completely by the generosity of donors since its inception. A custom designed marble and glass wall at the entrance of the House features the names of many of those who made the House a reality and those who continue to support it. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of those who have helped - both through financial support and the giving of their time - The Neely House is fully endowed and will remain secure for as long as it is needed.

Apartment in The Neely House


Having been in operation for 19 years without making any major improvements to The Neely House, it was time to temporarily shut our doors in 2016 so we could complete a much-needed renovation.

After being in operation for 19 years without making any major updates to The Neely House, it was time to close our doors so we could make some much-needed changes to the space.  Since the patients and their families we serve are at the center of everything we do, we wanted to make sure that any improvements we made would be in the best interest of our guests at the House.  Influenced by conversations we have had with previous guests, we designed a space that would make patients as comfortable as possible as they undergo treatment at Tufts Medical Center.

The new and improved Neely House includes some incredible features that would not be possible without our generous donors and sponsors.  There is a quiet room where our guests can escape to when they want to make a personal phone call, read a book or need some quiet time.  Another great feature of the new-and-improved space is the Bruins Media Room which is the only space in the House to feature the team's black and gold.  From movie theatre chairs to memorabilia covering the walls, the Bruins Media Room is sure to delight our guests as they take in the action of a Bruins game or enjoy a movie.  On Monday, April 24, 2017 after being closed for over a year, we were excited to reopen our doors and continue to provide comfort, support and hope to cancer patients and their families!